At Infini, we believe that success is achievable and sustainable only when we have the right people in the right place, doing the right thing. We understand that as your Recruiter, our role is no longer just confined to finding the right talent for you, we also act as your Advisor and give you insights into the current job market and the available talent pool. It then becomes even more important to work with someone who understands your sector, business goals and matches your ethos.

When you work with Infini, you get :

1. Deep market insights
2. In-depth vertical knowledge
3. Extensive network to both active and passive talent pool
4. Faster turnaround time
5. End to end Recruitment support - from market mapping to onboarding

Our Values :

Infini is 100% kiwi-owned and operated boutique talent acquisition firm.
Our core values that we live by are :

RANGAPU (partnership) - We work with you as partners and believe that your success is our success.

WHANAUNGATANGA (relationship) - We are focussed on building open and honest relationships and working collaboratively with you to deliver outstanding results.

PUKUMAHI (hardwork, industriousness, diligence) - We work hard and with passion, and don't stop till the goal is reached.